Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Back in the game ...

Wow! It's been a while since I last wrote ... one of those periods where so much has gone on, that writing my blog has kind of taken a back seat for a bit. I had a great time in Germany at Easter and then back to reality as I began teaching the last term of the academic year at College and the last leg of my PGCE alongside keeping up to date with my PhD. I've finally handed in my PGCE now, yey! I'm really looking forward to the Summer and being able to make some work and crack on with PhDness.

I went to Manchester the other week and had a really fab day catching up with my lovely sister Corinne. We went to the Northern Quarter and Afflecks Palace and it was really inspiring seeing all of the vintage clothes and being surrounded by so much 'alternative' stuff that you don't really find in Stafford.

I had to put in a picture of THE most delicious cake that we had. And of course, as I had a fresh ginger, carrot and apple juice, it was all part of a balanced diet!!
I feel now that I've handed in my work that my head is a bit clearer and I can make some more work and immerse my self in my research ...

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