Sunday, 23 May 2010

Methodologies, sunsets and surprise gifts

I attended the bi-annual saturday conference at BIAD yesterday which is for the staff and research students across the Art & Design faculties there. The conference focused on methodology, which is something that is particularly important in my own research. I thought it was really interesting to discuss how method and methodology can emerge as the research unfolds academically; particularly in relation to epistemology and how theory and methodology can be constructed as you go and develop implicitly through experience and gaining knowledge. I think this is particularly important in art and design and particularly my own research which is grounded in notions of perfomativity and ideas unfolding and emerging in alternative spaces. I have also been asked to deliver a session to PhD students in the next academic year about methodology as part of the Postgraduate Certificate in Recearch Methods in Art & Design course that I took in 2008 at the start of my PhD which is both scary and exciting!

Making the most of the beautiful weather I went for a lovely walk in Cannock Chase on Saturday evening as the sun was setting. I saw loads of deer and rabbits as well! I really appreciate being able to go for country 
strolls yet being so near cities such as Birmingham and Manchester.

I finally completed a handmade book with photos that I took of my cousin-in-laws-to-be Nick and Suzy's wedding. They got married in March and I took some really nice photos and had been meaning to make
them a handmade book with a selection of photos for ages ... as it took about three full days to fully make, I became quite attached to it, but have now sent it off to them as a surprise! I think the photos of the book itself looks quite nice against my Cath Kidston tablecloth!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Back in the game ...

Wow! It's been a while since I last wrote ... one of those periods where so much has gone on, that writing my blog has kind of taken a back seat for a bit. I had a great time in Germany at Easter and then back to reality as I began teaching the last term of the academic year at College and the last leg of my PGCE alongside keeping up to date with my PhD. I've finally handed in my PGCE now, yey! I'm really looking forward to the Summer and being able to make some work and crack on with PhDness.

I went to Manchester the other week and had a really fab day catching up with my lovely sister Corinne. We went to the Northern Quarter and Afflecks Palace and it was really inspiring seeing all of the vintage clothes and being surrounded by so much 'alternative' stuff that you don't really find in Stafford.

I had to put in a picture of THE most delicious cake that we had. And of course, as I had a fresh ginger, carrot and apple juice, it was all part of a balanced diet!!
I feel now that I've handed in my work that my head is a bit clearer and I can make some more work and immerse my self in my research ...