Friday, 26 March 2010

Honesty is the best policy

I have been so overwhelmed with so much stuff to do that I haven't written for ages! Sometimes, you just have those periods where you get so caught up in everything that you forget the things that are really important to you. Simple things, like eating well and remembering to smile! Everyday when I have been walking to work, I have been noticing that the sun is shining ever so slightly more, the days are getting a bit longer and flowers are starting to bloom, spring-style! The more I was honest with myself, the more I noticed these small bits of beauty ... making me feel more inspired and comfortable with myself.

I have however, started to work into some paintings that I did a couple of years ago with colour and stretched some new canvases. Maybe it was getting caught up that helped me? The writing//painting balance is never at an equilibrium and more like a pendulum swinging one way to the next. At the moment, it's at the painting end and I'm quite excited about it ... so hopefully there'll be some images to follow ...