Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A real-life book!

My philosophy has always been: to be modest, humble and to work hard and when you have achieved something you are proud of, to enjoy it! And indeed one of those times has come! Just over a year ago I started working on a piece of writing for a book and last week it arrived in the world – my words in a tangible thing that you can pick up and leaf through its pages, a real-life book! And what a nice book it is!


I See What You’re Saying: The Materialisation of Words in Contemporary Art, is edited by Henry Rogers and includes writing about work featured at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham that either uses text or refers to text/ textuality/language. My essay Collisions, Slippages and Getting Lost explores the exhibition of work We They, We They by the artist Clare Rojas as a retrospective textual encounter with the work. It also includes fantastic writing and conversations by Sadie Plant, Jonathan Watkins, Jim Mooney, Henry Rogers and Pen Dalton.

Reading back through it, I still want to tweak my words, which I suppose every writer does, but it is such a good feeling to finally behold it in its physicality! Enjoy!

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