Thursday, 10 June 2010

Reflections and (re)reflections

I have been writing in a research diary since I started my PhD in 2008 which started out as a way of subjectively reflecting and (re)reflecting on my research. I have always written a diary or journal, so this way of writing came quite naturally to me. Initially, it was to record my responses to my research, map out ideas and to create an ongoing dialogue with my own reflections and my research. Doing my PhD part-time, the research diary was also a really useful way of organising my thoughts and disseminating ideas.
Although I knew that it would be an important part of the research process, it has become something much much more, which I had not anticipated! My research explores ideas of hybridity and the interrelation between intertextuality and intermateriality; although I started off documenting ideas textually, the entries have developed into drawings, collage and paintings, in turn becoming hybrid. The research diary itself has become quite sculptural, embodying the concept of ideas evolving and emerging through processes of writing and making themselves and reflecting notions of l’√©criture f√©minine and the in-between which provides a framework for my research.

I've also received some scary and exciting news ... I have been selected to deliver a paper at Space: the Real and the Abstract conference at The Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation (CADRE) at the School of Art and Design, Wolverhampton University in July ... EEK! This will be my first paper delivered at a conference so I am looking forward to it and hoping this will open new doors for me! Better get writing then ...

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