Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Glittery lights and engagements ...

I feel so far with my PhD that Ive kind of been bumbling along, cruising at a steady 20mph with the odd bit of accelaration and an intense journey; indulging in various bouts of binge writing. At the moment, that binge writing is in process ... I can't put the pen down and all I'm thinking about is writing, writing, writing! I'm still waiting to hear back about my PhD registration for my research - writing//painting; l’√©criture f√©minine and difference in the making. The registration is the actual process where the research has to be registered with the academic research panel at the university so I still have my fingers (and toes) crossed!

I went on a trip, last week with the Art Foundation students at College, to Manchester for the day (I love going on college trips). I had a quick peek at the last exhibition at the URBIS and at a smaller gallery called the 'Cube' and then visited my sister Corinne at Manchester Met Uni who is in her third year of the BA (hons) Embroidery degree : ) I have only seen Corinne's work when she was on her Foundation course and was really looking forward to seeing her uni work! She's been working on drawings and paper-based/sketchbook work looking at illustration in children's books that have a slightly darker element to them such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel before starting to create embroidery into them. Check them out! They are beautiful when you see them in person.
I also saw some really interesting work by other students when I was walking through the stuidios that explored text and made me think about the materiality of text itself and how it can become sculptural ... I know after the textstallation I did at BIAD, I have to visually push the boundaries of making that explores the interconnections of writing and painting.
I treated myself to a ride on the big wheel there as well and it was really nice to sit back and watch the busy city life underneath me. As I was wondering back to the coach, I also had a look at the cathedral. I absolutely love really old churches and I think the detail in them is so beautiful, but what struck me about the Manchester Cathedral was the brightness of the colours in the stained-glass windows and the scale of them when it was so grey outside.
Also this week Ive received an amazing proposal ... usually I would probably be writing about news of an exhibition or writing proposal, however this one is even more amazing. It was totally unexpected and particularly emotional as it was a down on one knee and will you marry me proposal! And for those of you who are wondering, I said yes : )

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