Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Last week I had been working in the Margaret Street gallery space at BIAD to create a textstallation//researchstallation of my research. I only had a broad idea of how I was actually going achieve it, as I wanted the ideas to evolve from working with the materials and in the space and through the processes of writing and making. I wanted to create a physical map of my research, developing the idea of mapping being a methodological tool to allow ideas to form and relate to each other through a sense of interdisciplinarity and complex interweaving and interrelations of thoughts and text.

I began by writing and using Letraset text to map out areas of importance or particular ideological concepts onto the gallery wall; gradually interlinking and interconnecting them through the space using thread, strips of handwritten text and texts by Derrida, Barthes and Cixous and also text taken from Chinese, French and Polish newspapers.

I also went to the private view at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and saw Jann Haworth's exhibition POP and Vered Lahav's exhibition Sleepless. There was a really great opening speech as well about their work; siting the artists as working against the masculine framework of Modernism which I though unintentially linked with my research and appreciate it more! I was lucky enough to indulge in the complementary Krispy Kreme doughnuts and wine as well! I particularly liked the images of books and glass and feathers pieces in Sleepless.

I was also priviledged to meet little baby Max last week who is the most beautiful little boy EVER! (even though he was sick on my scarf!) and gave him my gift - a small canvas that I painted to go in his dinosaur themed room.

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